What home addition is right for you?

Home Additions Portland

Of course, you adore your home but maybe space doesn’t feel as big as it used to. Perhaps you require an extra room for your guests, a slightly larger kitchen space or even an extended living space. At times the need is for a studio, home office or even a garage. Whatever reasons inspire your need for additional space, it may just be time to consider an addition to your abode. But as one would imagine, expanding the blueprint of your already existing home is basically no simple feat. Home additions are huge tasks and mandate for you to consider carefully every ramification of an intricate remodeling project. Nevertheless, with professionals, your dream can instantly turn into a reality.

House addition endeavors require both careful preparation and planning. Not only must it meet your space requirements, but it needs to also seamlessly integrate with your home, both on structural and aesthetic parameters. Will the plumbing blend with the main house system? Will the newly placed duct work and how? Mechanical services and connections also need to be considered. Depending on what you choose it may include hiring other specialists like roofers. You can also refinish worn parts of your home with services like deck repair.


House additions come in multiple types and as a homeowner; there is a host of options top suit your needs. Some of them include:

  • Side addition.
  • Rear/back of the home addition.
  • Front addition.
  • Room over the garage.
  • Second floor/storey addition.
  • Accessory apartment/In-law addition.
  • Split-level addition.


There are several factors that you need to take into account prior to commencing your project. They key ones include:

# 1 Legal Consideration

Essentially, you need to ask yourself whether the regulations of your residing area will grant you permission to construct a home addition because let’s face it, the law runs everything! While some may approach the project blindly, it is important to take your time and ensure that your project falls in line with the legal requirements to avoid later confrontations and incidences with the authorities.

# 2 Available Room space for the Addition

One common confusion point among numerous homeowners is the assumption that all land available is buildable which is not usually so. For instance, where there are underneath vital home systems on your intended addition space, it cannot be done there.

Factors such as drainage, Power cable routes and land grade among other factors significantly harbor construction. As such, it is vital for the owner to know the exact space available for carrying out an addition.

# 3 What is the use of the Space?

Assess your requirements and needs then consider how home additions can satisfy each of them. Is it more space to aid you in working at home or is it an addition to accommodate your gradually growing family? What space is to be used for will more often than not dictate both the method of construction and the ensuing design.

Adding a home addition can not only give you the additional space you so clearly require but also accentuate your home into a wonderfully designed structure. By consulting with Portland professionals about your endeavors, you get a tailored addition that perfectly fulfills all your needs and requirements at the best possible manner. Next time you feel you need a home addition, you know what to look for, how to do it and who to go for a perfectly done job.